Electric boat motor Energo Team Sential red 66lbs

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Fishermen can make increasing trips with their boats to get to the right fishing spot.
This would be almost impossible using conventional oars!
But in many places it is forbidden to use explosive engines, so our choice will fall on an electric version.

The main advantage of E-sential over its predecessor is that it is more energy efficient. It also depends on external conditions, but we can save at least 10% of energy by using it, which makes a longer and more comfortable use possible. That's why it has to be loaded less often! We need a working battery to use it. That is why it is called a working battery, because only it is able to maintain a constant, long and uniform voltage.

Depending on the performance of the engines, batteries of different capacities should be used. 66 lbs: 100Ah

The first step for installing the E-SENTIAL engine is to fix it in the back of the boat, then adjust the correct angle and depth, this you can see if it does not mix air when it is started. Store it in a frost-free place and protect it from direct sun exposure, prolonged during the summer.

- Low consumption
- Adjustable arm
- Massive, wide, stable and tilting fastening mechanism
- Metal body
- Percentage battery charge indicator
- Unbreakable three-blade propeller
- 5 forward speeds, 2 reverse speeds.

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